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Join us as we inspire all girls to be strong, smart and bold!

Here at Girls Inc., volunteers are the key that make our programs special. We encourage you to share your time and talent with our girls. Do you cook, sew, sing or dance? Would you consider reading with our girls? Interested in Robotics, building, art or design? We have opportunities for you to share whatever talent you have.

Mentor Opportunities

Trusting, mentoring relationships — especially those between Girls Inc. staff and girls — are  essential to the Girls Inc. Experience and inspire girls to believe in their potential and value their strengths. 

What is a Mentor?

  • A trusted guide or friend.
  • A caring, responsible adult who provides access to people, places, and things outside the mentee’s routine environment.
  • A positive role model. A role model is someone the youth aspires to be like where as amentor is someone who offers to help the youth be whoever he/she wants to be. Today, youth have many role models; however they are not necessarily positive role models.
  • Active listener, friend, someone the mentee can count on (reliable, consistent, supportive)
  • Someone who provides guidance and insight to the mentee; someone who they care about on a professional level and sometimes personal level. A mentor is someone who may be wiser due to life experience or professional experience and not necessarily by age.
  • A person or persons who provide support, encouragement, and freely share knowledge  and life lessons with a mentee.

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*Girls Incorporated of Western Connecticut is an equal opportunity employer and specifically prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, national origin, citizenship, religion, pregnancy, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, age disability, genetic information, military status and political beliefs. All mentors must consent to a background check

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