Waterbury Girls Club & Girls Inc. Alumnae

As Girls Inc. of Western Connecticut, formerly the Waterbury Girls Club, approaches 150 years of inspiring all girls to be strong, smart, and boldsm, we know our enduring success would not be possible without our alumnae. As the very first Girls Club in the United States, the club offered classes in domestic education including cooking, sewing and proper etiquette.

In the early 1900’s a comprehensive athletic program began. Girls were offered swimming, basketball and gymnastics. The name officially changed to Girls Incorporated in 1990, and the commitment to our girls has never been stronger.

“If you change the life of a girl, you change the life of the woman she is going to become…
If you change the life of a woman, you change the life of her family…
If you change the life of a family, you will change society (communities …
If you change society, you can change the world” – Unknown

Special Alumnae Programs & Initiatives

Alumna/Girl Mentor Program
Give back to today’s Girls Inc. girls in the most direct way possible: one-on-one interaction. Mentors will get to share their life experiences, career expertise, their academic knowledge, or simply their companionship with current members during Girls Inc. of Western Connecticut programs and activities.

Alumnae Steering & Consulting Team
Celebrate our Girls Club history and have a hand in our Girls Inc. future! The Alumnae Steering & Consulting Team will help guide the direction of Girls Inc. of Western Connecticut to ensure that the best of our past is preserved in the present.

Alumnae Elite Initiative
Varying levels of contribution to Girls Inc. of Western Connecticut will be celebrated with varying degrees of recognition. Volunteer hours, monetary and in-kind donations, event sponsorship, and other ways of giving back to Girls Inc. of Western Connecticut will all be considered together when calculating total level of sponsorship.


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