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Girls Inc.

of Western Connecticut

Girls Inc. provides nationally researched, gender-specific and age-appropriate programs that offer girls informal education and opportunities to build healthy relationships with peers and caring adults as part of the Girls Inc. Experience. We equip girls to navigate gender, economic and social barriers and grow into healthy, educated, empowered and independent adults. The Girls Inc. experience is designed to combine six core elements that help girls become:

  • Strong/Healthy and able to make healthy choices and manage their reproductive health.
  • Smart/Educated and motivated to achieve, graduate from high school and have
    post-secondary education, and set and achieve personal, educational, and career goals. 
  • Bold/Independent, having healthy relationships, sound body image and related
    self-confidence, using their own voices & advocate for others and being resilient. 

Girls Inc.’s programs are designed to focus on girls’ learning strengths and needs: they are grounded in positive peer and adult relationship development; afford experiential and varied learning components; and provide opportunities for new experiences.

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